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Latex movies – Blue outfit

A fresh new day, a brand new latex movies update! You are going to see this sexy babe dressed up in an electric blue outfit, with a zipper right at her pussy hole. Don’t worry, she will show you everything she has to show you but until then she is going to mess around with her own body while looking at you, to see if you like her! You are going to have a great time watching this sizzling hot babe and she looks damn hot in that suit of hers.

She is just hot and you will have a great time watching her cause today she is super horny and she is going to have a great time while messing around with you and your mind. She adores getting fucked hard and she is going to show you how she likes to be pumped. Stay here to watch the whole scene and see what else does she have for you. You are going to see her in action, touching her smoking hot body covered in latex! Who knows what else is she going to do with herself, mostly when she will pull that zipper of hers. Enjoy watching her. If you liked this beauty, you can visit  thebigassgirl website and watch some booty babes in nylons flashing their big asses for the camera! Have fun and don’t forget to stay tuned!


Watch this sexy babe in blue latex exposing her hot ass!

Lesbians In Latex

We are back with another update for all you lucky guys and this time you are in for a treat with these hot lesbians in action. These two just can’t take their hands of each other’s amazing curves. Of course one of them had to be on charge so the blonde was the one spoiled today. She took off her clothes and got her amazing curves pleased. First she got her big boobs licked and massaged and afterwards her friend went lower and lower until she got to her juicy pussy. Well let’s say she spend some time there eating it and fingering it.

Then it was her turn to her pleased and after she took off her latex outfit and leather boots she exchanged places with the sexy blonde. She got her amazing curves pleased as well. These two just couldn’t stop and ended up spending all the night pleasing and finger-fucking each other. If you liked this scene you should definitely check out the kinky chateau for their latest lesbian leather fetish scenes. Hope you enjoyed and see you next time with more.


Check out these nasty babes pleasing each other!

HD latex lesbian update

Hello latex lovers and welcome back to latex movies. In chose two exciting scenes for today’s update, featuring some naughty hot lesbians who enjoy dressing up in latex suits and getting down and dirty. In the first gallery you can see two gorgeous lesbians wearing sexy purple latex pants and tight black latex corset. They love teasing and playing with each other, and as you can see they strip each other to play with one another’s boobs.

In the second scene, we have a naughty mistress dressed up in a full body black latex suit, and her submissive slave wears a black and pink latex suit. The hot mistress is extremely horny, so she starts undressing her sexy slave, exposing her beautiful round boobs and erect nipples. You must watch the mistress playing with the slave’s sexy boobs, licking and sucking her nipples.

Can you imagine how wet these babes are down there? They love to feel the latex fabric against their juicy wet pussy. If you are in the mood to see naughty babes getting their sweet pussy dripping wet, got to and check them out now, you won’t regret it. Don’t forget to come back soon for more latex fun!




Enjoy watching these lesbians playing in sexy latex suits!

Sexy Babes In Costumes

We are back with another hot update for you guys. This time we brought you these two hottie that are up to no good. Just look at them ripping each other’s latex outfit off. They were in a playful mood a few days ago and thought to give latex a try. They’ve heard their friends talking about so they went at a sex shop and both all they needed from the outfits to all kind of sex toys to play with.

So once they tried them on. they brought the camera as well and started taking pictures of them fooling around in them. At first they took their time and started playing with each other and afterwards things go a bit hotter then expected and they started ripping off each other’s latex outfit off. Of course it didn’t took them too long to bring the toys in and to start trying them out. If you liked this scene you must visit for more hot chicks in costumes! Hope you guys enjoyed it and we’ll see you next time!


Watch these babes ripping off each other’s latex outfit off!

Lady In Purple

We have another hottie in latex for you guys. She was enjoying her day off shore spending the entire day on the boat. It was such an amazing weather that it would’ve been a complete waste to stay at home. She wanted to take some pictures for you guys. She knew how much you guys like latex and wanted to surprise you with this photo shoot. She picked her latex outfit, bit it was so hot outside that she had to take it off her bodysuit. She had this amazing body hidden underneath and we sure were happy of her decision. She has this amazing body, delicious curves, big tits and a fine ass as well. If you enjoyed this sexy babe you must visit for another sexy lady showing her goods as well. Hope you guys enjoyed this update and we’ll make sure to bring you more next time. See you later!

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Hot babe in pink latex

A fresh new video is going to be revealed to you so have a look at it, right away. See this hot brunette having a great time exposing her amazing body in that slim pink suit that is making her look even more naughty. Get ready to see this hot babe getting down, exposing her firm butt cheeks and those black stockings. She looks unbelievably hot and she will turn you on big time. Get ready to see what else is she going to do now that she started to fool around, looking all hot and naughty.

Have fun seeing her and also have a look at the latest video update, to see some other incredible scenes that will turn you on big time. Enjoy seeing this hot video update and get ready to see her getting all hot and wild. Enjoy the entire scene and I can totally guarantee that you’ll enjoy this hot chick! Make sure that you are ready to be amazed, cause some naughty scenes are about to be revealed to you! Enjoy!

the pink latex

See this hot babe exposing herself in that latex suit!

Latex Girls

We have two kinky babes in latex walking around the town. They just loves showing off their hot latex outfits and have some pictures to show you guys. They were bored around the house and wanted to play around a bit. They bought these outfits a few weeks ago from a sex shop they passed by and once they entered and saw them. They were a bit weird but they liked them and decided to take them home.

After they used them in the bedroom it was time to show them off around the city. They bought a red one and a black one both extremely tight. The sexy chicks decided to wear them in public the other day and it was so fun to see everyone’s reaction. We have the entire gallery for you guys and it’s a hot one. If you still want more you must check out thebigassgirl for more curvy babes bragging with their looks. Enjoy it!


Check out these babes showing off their hot latex outfits!